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About felting

Felting-a kind of crafts involving the formation of wool using a special needle felting ( dry felting ) or water and some soap ( wet felting ).While milling fabrics we will get some cloth and felt.
Felt is used to make hats,berets,jewellery,clothes,shoes,many kinds of polishing wheels,seals,pads,carpenting and sound-insulating,or the veneer of the keyboards in pianos.
Felt is one of the oldest textile product manufactured by people,probably even older than wearing.
The traces of felt were found about 6500 B.C. in today's Turkey area.The advanced felt products have also been found in permafrost in Syberia about 600 A.D.
Felt still produced by nomadic people of central Asia where it is a typical material for the manufacture of carpets,tents and clothes.Some of these products,for example classical yusts are for everyday using.
Others,like decorated slippers are especially manufactured for selling to tourists.
Wool,the fur of almost all farmed animals or some of the synthetic fibers can be the suitable material for the manufacture of felt.
The mixure of artificial and natural fibres is often used for felt production.